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Lithium titanate battery
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Lithium titanate battery

Lithium titanate battery is a kind of lithium-ion battery anode material - lithium titanate. It can be used to form 2.4V or 1.9V lithium-ion secondary battery with lithium manganate, ternary materials or lithium iron phosphate and other cathode materials. In addition, it can also be used as a positive electrode to form a 1.5V lithium secondary battery with metal lithium or lithium alloy anode. Because of its high safety, high stability, long life and environmental protection. It can be predicted that in 2-3 years, lithium titanate will become the anode material of the new generation lithium-ion battery, and will be widely used in new energy vehicles, electric motorcycles and applications requiring high safety, high stability and long-term. The operating voltage of lithium titanate battery is 2.4V, the maximum voltage is 2.8V, and the charging current is greater than 2C (i.e. the current twice the capacity of the battery).

It has the advantages of high safety, long life, ultra-low temperature and high rate
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The main equipment of Shengquan New Energy's production line all introduces advanced foreign advanced and highly automated fully automatic lithium battery manufacturing equipment, of which the automation rate of the automatic assembly line can reach more than 98%. At the same time, the battery warehouse adopts an intelligent warehouse system and AGV automatic distribution and sorting, which has a higher degree of automation and better reliability. The workshop adopts robot intelligent operation, the whole production process can achieve perfect machine replacement, and the process equipment realizes closed-loop monitoring and 100% online inspection.

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Shandong Shengquan New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is an innovative enterprise integrating R & D, production, sales and service. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jinan Shengquan Group Co., Ltd. The company's main products are lithium titanate batteries and modules, super capacitors and modules, dry electrodes and key cell materials.
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