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    In the process of automobile starting, especially at the moment of starting, the starting current is very large because the speed of starting motor is zero and no induced electromotive force is produced. However, the original lead-acid battery has poor capacity of excessive current, and the huge instantaneous starting current will seriously damage the battery; at the same time, the sharp change of voltage in the start-up process is also a very strong electromagnetic interference, which can cause the electrical equipment to power down, forcing the electrical equipment to power on again after the generator starting process, and the computer is very easy to crash in this process. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the performance of automotive power supply in the start-up process from improving the electromagnetic environment of automotive electrical equipment, improving the starting performance and battery performance or extending the service life of the battery. One of the solutions to the problem is to increase the capacity of the battery. However, it is not a good choice to increase the amount and volume of the battery. This problem can be solved by connecting the super capacitor and the battery in parallel.

    Super capacitor adopts solvent-free electrode production process, which has large capacitance, large discharge current, long cycle life, short charging time, wide temperature working range (- 40 ℃ ~ + 70 ℃), safety and environmental protection.

    Performance advantages

    Environmental protection, 3% ~ 7% oil saving and 10 ~ 30% waste gas emission reduction

    Fast acceleration, compensating battery power output, reducing vehicle starting time and accelerating quickly

    Long life, super capacitor millions of cycle life, saving replacement costs.

    Low temperature start, improve low temperature aerodynamic performance, support - 40 ℃ ~ 65 ℃ start.

    The built-in protection system and voltage balance circuit can monitor the capacitor module to prevent product failure caused by capacitor overcharge or voltage imbalance.

    External safety switch, connected with safety switch, can protect the vehicle circuit system and avoid serious damage due to high power output characteristics of the product under abnormal conditions such as circuit overload, reverse connection, lightning strike, etc.

    Practical case

    Power-assisted starting power supply for truck


    29.7V 59F Shengquan graphene supercapacitor composite boost power supply             29.7V 59F Shengquan graphene supercapacitor power supply

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