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    The cycle life is relatively long, so it is no longer necessary to change products frequently, which can save all kinds of labor input. The vehicles used in tunnel engineering have very bad working conditions because they are used in tunnels. Our lithium titanate battery is generally used in the extremely bad working conditions, other types of batteries can not solve the situation.

    Lithium titanate battery is a kind of lithium titanate used as a negative electrode material for lithium ion batteries. It can be combined with lithium manganate, ternary materials or lithium iron phosphate to form a 2.4V or 1.9V lithium ion secondary battery. In addition, it can also be used as a positive electrode to form a 1.5V lithium secondary battery with metallic lithium or lithium alloy negative electrode. Because of the high safety, high stability, long life and environmental protection characteristics of lithium titanate.

    Lithium titanate (LTO) material is used as a negative electrode material in the battery. Due to its own characteristics, it is easy to interact with the electrolyte and produce gas during the charge and discharge cycle reaction. Therefore, ordinary lithium titanate The battery is prone to flatulence, which causes the battery core to bulge, and the electrical performance will be greatly reduced, which greatly reduces the theoretical cycle life of the lithium titanate battery. The test data shows that ordinary lithium titanate batteries will have flatulence after about 1 500-2 000 cycles, leading to failure in normal use, which is also an important reason that restricts the large-scale application of lithium titanate batteries.

    The performance improvement of lithium titanate (LTO) battery is a comprehensive manifestation of the performance improvement of individual materials and the organic integration of key materials. In response to the requirements of fast charging and long service life, in addition to the negative electrode material, other key raw materials (including positive electrode material, separator, and electrolyte) of lithium-ion batteries, combined with special engineering process experience, have finally formed a " The "flatulence" lithium titanate LpTO battery product, and first realized the batch application on electric buses.

    The test data shows that under the conditions of 6C charge, 6C discharge, and 100% DOD, the cycle life of the lithium titanate LpTO battery exceeds 25,000 times, the remaining capacity exceeds 80%, and the flatulence generated by the battery is not obvious. Affects its life; the actual application of Chongqing fast-charging pure electric buses also shows that after the batteries are assembled, the electrical performance is also quite excellent, which can ensure the daily commercial operation of pure electric buses.

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Shandong Shengquan New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is an innovative enterprise integrating R & D, production, sales and service. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jinan Shengquan Group Co., Ltd. The company's main products are lithium titanate batteries and modules, super capacitors and modules, dry electrodes and key cell materials.
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